Eye Exams

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I get an eye exam?

    This can vary from person to person. Typically, we suggest an annual eye exam, but if there is an individual or family history of eye disease, you may need to be seen more often.

  • What is a refraction?

    A refraction is a diagnostic test to see if we can improve your vision with glasses or a change in glasses prescription. Most insurances require this test to approve to pay for Cataract Surgery.

  • Can I drive after a dilated eye exam?

    Yes. The most common problems after dilation are sun glare and near vision. We have disposable sunglasses that will make seeing after dilation more comfortable. Your distance vision should be ok, you will have trouble seeing to read.

  • How long does dilation last?

    Typically, dilation lasts about 3-4 hours. Depending on the person, however, it can last until the next day.

  • What happens during a Complete Eye Exam?

    We will review your medical history, read your current glasses, and check your vision with them, talk about your vision and any concerns you have, perform preliminary tests, check your eye pressure, and dilate your eyes. You will then see the doctor, who will determine if you need glasses/contacts or cataract surgery.

  • How long does an eye exam take?

    Allow around an hour and a half to two hours for the complete process from check in to check out.

  • Which doctor is the best?

    All of the doctors at The Eye Center are fantastic and very knowledgeable. If you would like to know more about each of our doctors, you may visit the doctors tab of our website to read their biographies.